Installing the Quick Search Package

A while ago, I created an Editor Tool for Unity, which allowed to search for anything in the menus, the assets and in your opened scenes. Shortly after however Unity released their Quick Search package in the Package Manager. Simply find Quick Search and install it from the Package Manager.

After installing it, you can open it with the default keybind of Alt+' or Option+' on Mac.
If you’re using Unity 2019.3 and up, you can change this binding easily in the Shortcut Manager, found in the Edit/Shortcuts... menu.

Changing the Shortcut binding

Simply find the Shortcuts for Quick Search, by entering the name in the search field.

Find the line with the command name Main Menu/Help/Quick Search.

Double click the Shortcut Alt+' (or Option+'), then hit the key combination you would like to use instead.
I prefer Ctrl+Space.

Using Quick Search

When you are ready, open the Quick Search window, by pressing your set shortcut. All you have to do it type the name of whatever you are looking for. It will show your assets as well as GameObjects in your scene. It can even solve simple mathematical expressions. To use them prepend = and enter your expression.

There are many more things you can do with it, and I suggest you have a look at the Documentation page for Quick Search. There are also a number of settings in the preferences window, where you can set your own priorities for your search results, or if you decide that you don’t need to see assets in your searches, so you can disable those results entirely.

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